Fancy Pearl Inlay Desk
Fancy Design with Pearl Inlay on the four outside drawers. With a total of 5 draws this is really a beautiful piece.
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Fancy Lacewood Desk
Lacewood with Wenge trim and legs. Top features a shaded moon inlay border design with malachite stone inlay at corners. (Dimensions: 30" wide x 60" long x 30" high)
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Anigre Desk
Anigre desk with Goncalo Aves legs and trim. Shadow moon inlay design on top. One spring loaded drawer. (Dimensions: 30" wide x 60" long x 30" high)

Deco Desk
Wenge top with Birdseye Maple corner and bow ties. Birdseye Maple pedestal and drawer cabinet. (Dimensions: 36" wide x 72" long x 30" high)
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Round Desk
Birdseye Maple with Lacewood legs and trim. Single drawer. (Dimensions: 50" diameter by 30" high)


Curved Desk
Curly Maple wih Mahogany trim. 3 drawers (Dimensions: 30" wide x 60" long x 30" high.)
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Mahogany Desk
40"x 72" with 2 drawers, made of mahogany with wenge legs.

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